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It's like your virtual group is
together in one actual room
Attention: Corporate trainers and group facilitators
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Offer finishes on 1 March or when all beta spaces are taken

Granatum – the new online platform for bringing dynamic real-time learning to remote teams
It's like your virtual group is
together in one actual room

Attention: Corporate trainers and group facilitators
Claim your free beta account now!
Offer finishes on 1 March or when all beta spaces are taken

Tired of switching between multiple training tools?
Had enough of one-size-fits-all templates that don't really fit?
Want to create fast-flowing online environments?
Looking for a better way to manage and develop your groups?

Granatum is for people like you
HR Manager
or Professional
You want to treat everyone as individuals while delivering group training that's consistent with company culture

Facilitator, Trainer
or Group Coach
You know that getting the best results depends on being able to use different techniques with different people

or Company Head
You need to broadcast your messages quickly and clearly, even when your audience is spread across regions

Informal Educator or Private Tutor
You have a huge toolset of offline teaching techniques which you want to be able to use online for best results

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What makes Granatum – and your sessions – unique
There's no other platform that lets you turn almost any offline activity into an online experience – from peer introduction games to dynamic strategy sessions

Organize your users into small groups and easily shuffle them during training to keep things flowing
Simultaneously use the video window for live interactions and the whiteboard for written tasks
Instantly assign individual and group tasks (synced or unsynced) so users can learn at their own pace
Apply various facilitation techniques and invite your users to broadcast in the video window
Make your things fun, unique and memorable – use gamification tools and set up role plays

Simplify tests and sessions – upload learning materials in the best format for your audience

Why users choose Granatum
Make shared online experiences – everything from sales training to team building games – feel like everyone's in the room together
User engagement
Tasks are built in way that means all users contribute, participate and communicate – with no free rides
Progress tracking
Always know how each user is performing – and where and when you need to guide and encourage
Dashboards, post-it notes and recordings help you build in-depth files for reviews and appraisals
Group dynamics
Create and shuffle group members to keep your scenarios fresh and your users coming back for more
See how you can use Granatum to transform your sessions
Granatum grows with you
Granatum is in beta mode
Our brilliant and busy developers are making the platform better every day!

Integrated video
Bring sessions to life with high quality streaming for groups. Webinars, debate and dialogue modes, easy record and playback, plus chat
Interactive whiteboard
Granatum gives you a pile of resources to make your sessions dynamic, such as post-it notes, voting tokens, text boxes, timers, chat and much more
Enrich content
Upload compelling presentations, crisp audio (great for visually impaired users), high-definition videos, vivid texts and rich images
Group management
Simultaneous, real-time group work (manage up to 20 groups of up to 6 members) with simple group membership management

Customise designs
Get up and running quickly with ready-to-go templates, or customise designs for branding, promotion and specific training needs

Give users the ideal power-up and engage them with Granatum's suite of quizzes, trivia questions, and point systems
What first-time users say about Granatum
Granatum is one of the most interesting and significant innovations in online education that I have seen in the last few years. Granatum allows for very deep process while keeping lightness, diversity and interactivity which are extremely important for informal education. With Granatum, one can create independent remote sessions or support offline activities in many ways.
Sasha Klyachkina
Informal Education Expert
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