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Online service for effective team work. We bring people together and facilitate meaningful communication.

With us, you can share experience, find a common ground and handle your challenges just as productive as offline, or even better.
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Messengers, video conferencing, and webinar tools provides wiftin formation delivery but they do not ensure its proper perception and digestion.

Granatum Solutions helps to translate information into knowledge and knowledge into implementation.

For individuals, teams, and organizations.
Communication 2.0
What you can do with Granatum Solutions
If you prefer actual results to mere talking, Granatum Solutions is for you.
Online Learning
Corporate trainings, educational programs, courses, and webinars. For businesses and educational organizations. We make learning interactive and exciting.
Collective Desicion Making
Brainstorming sessions, meetings, and briefings. Engaging and effective. We ensure user engagement, motivation, and smooth facilitation.
Online Events and Networking
Conferences, contests, meetups, summits, and round tables. Any scale, any agenda. Wherever you are, we help you to remove borders, share experience and make new contacts.
Our Advantages
All you need for group dynamics management and collective decision making – in one place.
Visually pleasing cloud platform with a comprehensive toolset for efficient business communication. We customize our interface to match your corporate identity.
Client-oriented approach and adaptation to your specific needs. We help you to translate your offline activities to the online environment quickly and seamlessly.
Managing thinking processes and team dynamics to ensure well-coordinated group work. We apply a scientific approach to teamwork.
Our managers provide Immediate response to any requests. We are always online and ready to make changes on the fly.
With us, you can focus on WHAT without bothering about HOW.

We will translate your group processes to the online environment, teach you how to use the platform, and take care of all the technical issues.
Getting started with Granatum Solutions is as easy as one, two, three
Our experts will deploy a cloud environment customized for your needs.
We have a user-friendly and intuitive interface, and our tech support team is always there to answer your questions.
1 day to prepare
your event
2 hours to learn the basics
After trying our all-in-one collaboration solution, you will hardly feel like getting back to your usual video conferencing.
3 clicks to fall in love
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We are trusted by
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